Credit Card Summons

Have You Received a Summons for Credit Card Debt?

If you have received a summons for credit card debt DO NOT IGNORE IT, you must act quickly.  Ignoring the summons may allow the creditor to obtain a default judgment against you and could potentially allow the creditor to garnish your wages or freeze your bank account.

How Much Time Do You Have to Respond to a Summons?

You have twenty days (20) from the day that you were served to file a responsive pleading in the case.  We strongly recommend that you seek immediate legal counsel upon being served.  We offer free initial consultations to review your case.    

Depending on the court that your case is filed it you may be required to attend a pre-trial conference.  Failure to attend the pretrial conference will allow the debtor to obtain a default judgment against you. 

How Do You Respond to a Summons?

Typically a response to a lawsuit would be an answer or other responsive pleading.  Filing of a letter or calling the Judge’s chambers is not going to help you.  If you fail to respond to the lawsuit you will be defaulted upon. 

Shmucher Law, PL can assist debtors in defending their credit card lawsuits.  We review each case differently and can provide multiple options to resolve it.  Options can include defending the lawsuit, debt settlement or bankruptcy.  Contact us today for a free consultation.