Routinely I get asked questions regarding medical bills, especially if they can be included in the filing of a bankruptcy in Florida.  The answer is ABSOLUTELY, when you file for bankruptcy you want to be able to have a fresh start, i.e.  have no debts left when your bankruptcy is over.  The only way to have a fresh start is to list all of your debt on your bankruptcy petition.  When preparing to file your bankruptcy your bankruptcy lawyer, Ofer Shmucher, will run your credit using all three credit bureaus.  The credit report data will be automatically imported into your bankruptcy schedules (the paperwork you file with the court).  However sometimes your credit report will not provide a 100% accurate display of all your debts, especially medical bills.  Therefore it is useful for you to provide copies of all your medical bills to your bankruptcy lawyer so that we can include all your debts in your bankruptcy petition.

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