Sometimes you see attorneys advertising bankruptcy representation for $899.00 or $1,500 but they fail to say if it includes costs or not.   So then you may ask what are the costs associated with filing for bankruptcy?

Besides the attorney fee you need to pay a filing fee and the fee depends on whether or not you are filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  As of June 1 the court mandated filing fees are as follows:

Chapter 7:     $335.00
Chapter 13:   $310.00

Filing Fee Waiver
Clients often ask me if they can get a filing fee waiver.  In order to obtain a filing fee waiver a debtor must be significantly below the median income for the State of Florida and have very few assets.  I have been able to get my clients filing fee waivers in Pro Bono cases or cases that I accept no attorney fee.  In cases that I have accepted an attorney fee I have never requested to get a filing fee waiver.

Filing Fee Installments
You can pay your filing fee in installments however the new rule requires the debtor to pay at least half of the filing fee at the time of the filing.   In some cases the court may reject a debtor’s request for a filing fee waiver but grant them the ability to pay filing fees in an installment plan.

Education Classes
A debtor is required to take a pre-filing bankruptcy education course and a post filing education course.  Typically you can get an attorney code and website address from your attorney and the combined costs of the courses shouldn’t exceed $60.00

Other Costs
I have seen other offices charge an office costs ranging from $50-$150 for miscellaneous office requirements.

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Posted by Ofer Shmucher