Debtors typically have numerous steps to take before filing for bankruptcy in Miami Florida.

Step One: Consult A Bankruptcy Attorney

The most important step is to find qualified bankruptcy counsel and schedule a free consultation to see if bankruptcy is an option for you.

Step Two: Gather Documents

The second step would be to begin to gather documents.  Typically a bankruptcy lawyer would ask you to bring in the following documents:

  1.  Bank Statements for 6 months (all your accounts)
  2. Tax returns 2 years
  3. Pay stubs (60 days or more if your pay fluctuates)
  4. Make Model Mileage Trim and  Vin for all your vehicles
  5. Copies of any lawsuits or creditor letters
  6. Copies of any medical bills you may have

Getting these items ready for your first consultation would make it easier for a bankruptcy attorney in Miami Florida to help you decide if bankruptcy is an option.

Miami Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are in debt and are considering bankruptcy as an option to get out of debt please contact bankruptcy attorney Ofer Shmucher of Shmucher Law, PL by calling 305-741-5553 to schedule a free consultation in our Miami office.  We represent debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.