Filing for bankruptcy in Florida will offer a debtor a fresh start because the debtor will likely be able to wipe out all of his or her debts upon the completion of their bankruptcy.  One of the most important things a debtor needs to do is to determine who they owe money to in order to list them on their bankruptcy schedules.  So debtors often ask me, how do I make sure I have listed all my creditors/debts on my bankruptcy petition.   Here is how we accomplish this:

Credit Report – Your attorney will likely run a special program that pulls information from all three credit bureaus.  The attorney will give you a copy of the credit report to take home and review.

Medical Bills – Typically your medical bills won’t be reported on your credit report.  You will need to provide your attorney copies of any medical bills you have in order to include them in your bankruptcy petition.  You may want to call or go to the hospital you were treated at to ask for copies of your bills.

Review your Mail – Your mail will likely be filled with letters from creditors saying you owe them money.  Review your mail and compare it with your credit report.  Any bill that isn’t showing up on your credit report should be provided to your attorney to add to your bankruptcy petition.

Adding Creditors after filing – If you have already filed for bankruptcy and you failed to list a creditor, then it is still possible to add a creditor but it costs money.  Attorneys charge different amounts to add creditors, depending on the amount of time it takes.

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