I often see people searching online and coming to my office asking me what is the maximum income I can have and still file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Here is the secret, if you are looking for a concrete answer from an attorney or online… YOU WON’T FIND IT.  There is no concrete bright line test regarding income that determines if you qualify instantly for bankruptcy.

I have had people in my office that made well over $150,000 and I was able to qualify them for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and I have had people come into my office who made $30,000 a year and I was unable to get them to qualify for Chapter 7.

The only way to determine if you can qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to make an appointment with an experienced bankruptcy attorney and provide him with a summary of your income and your expenses.  Please don’t run tests online that assist you in determining eligibility because those tests are ineffective and may yield incorrect results.

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