Generally when you file for bankruptcy you want to include all of your debts, so that you can get them discharged, and eventually obtain a fresh start.  When you meet with a bankruptcy attorney they will likely run your credit through their computer system.  My computer program runs the clients credit on three major credit bureaus and it lists the account numbers, amounts owed, and addresses for every creditor that the debtor owes money to.  However more often than not medical bills, especially ones under $500 will not show up on credit reports.  The fact that they don’t show up on credit reports doesn’t mean that they are not owed money.   What I tell my clients to do is to take home the credit report and review it, if there is something missing I request that my client find out the name and address, account number and debt amount for the missing creditor.  While this may require the debtor to do some leg work by calling their doctor’s offices or hospitals, it will allow the debt to be discharged though the bankruptcy.

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