Miami Debt Settlement Attorney | Fort Lauderdale Credit Card Lawyer

Shmucher Law, PL provides affordable representation for clients in financial distress. We can help if any of the following happen to you:

  1. received a letter from a debt collector
  2. been sued by a debt collector
  3. had a judgment entered against you
  4. had your wages garnished
  5. had your bank account frozen

Our affordable representation can offer you one of the following options when you deal with your debt:

  1. Fight It
  2. Settle It
  3. Bankrupt It

If you have been sued by a creditor or you are currently in a financial situation needing professional representation then please give our office a call.

Free Consultation

When you contact our Miami Debt Settlement Attorney at Shmucher Law, PL you will have the opportunity to meet with an experienced attorney to help you determine what the best path is regarding your debts. While every debtor’s case is unique we try to provide both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy custom plans to suit your current situation. Our consultations are always free of charge.

Fight It

If a creditor has sued you, you may have the ability to fight the lawsuit in court. Debtors have certain defenses available to them regarding the lawsuit. Our office can review your lawsuit to determine whether or not any defenses are applicable in your situation. By hiring us to defend your lawsuit you don’t need to go to court, attend pre-trials, mediation, or take unnecessary time off of work.

Debt Settlement

In some options, the debtor may not have any viable defenses to the creditor lawsuit and they must decide how to proceed. One option is to settle the debt with the creditor. In a typical debt settlement situation, a debtor may be able to settle the debt for substantially less than what is owed and is even given an extended time period to pay on the settlement. If you have been sued please contact us immediately to review the lawsuit and determine at what amount the settlement we feel the debt can be settled at.

File for Bankruptcy

Shmucher Law, PL has filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, for debtors in Broward or Miami-Dade county. During our free consultation, we will sit down with each potential client and review all options including bankruptcy. Contact us today!