Mortgage Modification

Debtors who have attempted to modify their mortgage loans without the assistance of an attorney have realized how difficult the process is. Lenders routinely reject debtors because they have failed to include the correct documentation or have not correctly completed the modification package. Through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Miami, Florida debtors have the ability to attempt their modifications, while in bankruptcy, with the assistance of their attorney.

In 2015, I was referred to a case from another loan modification attorney.  The clients P.T. and P.T. had attempted loan modifications for over three years and in every case, they were rejected. They came to my office within a week of a foreclosure sale on their homestead property.  They lived in their house for over twenty years and due to recent financial hardship fell behind on their payments.  Their intention was to always keep the house.

We filed their Chapter 13 bankruptcy and all the required Modification documentation.   Prior to our mediation conference, the bank offered my client a trial modification and after three months they were offered a permanent modification on their primary residence.  The debtors were the happiest they could be, four years of waiting and they were able to modify their home and get back on their feet.

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