One of the most common issues that my clients have is that while they do want to file for bankruptcy, they don’t have the money to do so.  Here are some options on how you can get money to pay your attorney:

Payment Plan:

Most bankruptcy law firms will accept a payment plan, but this payment plan isn’t exactly what you think it is.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is NOT allowed to accept any money after filing the bankruptcy petition.  This payment plan works as follows: you meet with the bankruptcy attorney and set up a payment plan with the attorney.  The attorney will be working on your case and have it ready to file.  Upon you finish paying the agreed amount the attorney will be able to file your case.

Stop Paying Certain Bills:

If you know you are going to file for bankruptcy then there is no need for you continue to pay some bills.  Stop paying some of your unsecured debts, mostly your credit cards, and save that money to use for an attorney.  Don’t stop paying your utility bills, insurance, car payments (unless you are going to surrender), or mortgage (unless you are going to surrender).

Sell some Assets:

If you don’t have the necessary money in the bank then you could sell some of your assets in order to file for bankruptcy.  Don’t sell these assets at below fair market value or to friends and family members.  If you have an mutual funds or stock accounts then you could sell or liquidate them to pay for your bankruptcy legal fees.

Ask Friends and Family to Help:

If you cannot come up with the money on your own then it may be time to call upon your family and friends for a favor.  Inform them of your situation and ask them if they would be willing to help you out.

It is well worth the effort to come up with the money to pay for your bankruptcy legal fees.  Having your case done right with a successful outcome is well worth the price.

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