I have had numerous clients come see me in my Miami, Florida office who want to surrender their home to the creditor in their bankruptcy. Surrendering the home is the easy part, but the debtor always ask me how difficult is it to find a place to rent after filing for bankruptcy. I have asked numerous former clients about how difficult it was to find a place to live after filing for bankruptcy in South Florida and this is what I generally hear:
1. Larger Deposits
Typically the landlord would ask a potential renter for first, last, and security as a deposit. If the a tenant just completed their bankruptcy the landlord may require an additional month deposit in order to approve the tenant.
2. Large Apartment Complexes
Former clients told me that they were rejected by large apartment complexes because of their bankruptcy filing.
3. Craigslist and Owner Owned Apartments
Former clients have routinely found it easiest to rent from owner-owned apartments and they seem to find apartments on craigslist.

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