After I explain the bankruptcy process to my potential clients they all tend to ask me the same questions. One of those questions is whether or not the bankruptcy trustee can come to their home. The short answer is no, but they have a right to do so. One of the Miami Bankruptcy judges once told a debtor, in court, that once he filed for bankruptcy he put himself into the mouth of the lion and that filing for bankruptcy is voluntary.
When a debtor files for bankruptcy he must disclose all their assets and sign a declaration saying that everything in his schedule is truthful. A few of the assets that you disclose are you household goods, furniture, jewelry, paints etc. If the trustee feels that you either failed to disclose some assets or undervalued your assets he may send someone to obtain an appraisal of the goods inside your house. Having someone come to your house for an inspection is a rare occurrence but the trustee has a right to do so.

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