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                Since 2009 Shmucher Law, PL has assisted individuals and businesses by providing cost effective legal services throughout the state of Florida with our Main office in Miami and two additional satellite office in Fort Myers and Vero Beach.   Our legal services are broken down into two main categories Bankruptcy Law and Debt Defense.

                Our Bankruptcy Law practice can assist individuals, located in South Florida, in using the filing of a bankruptcy (either Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13) as a financial tool to allow the individual debtor to get back on their feet and recover.  We have assisted hundreds of people discharge millions of dollars in debt throughout the years.

                Our Debt Defense practice represents individuals who are being sued by original creditors (American Express, Bank of America, Discover, Chase Bank, etc.) or junk debt buyers (Portfolio Recovery, Midland Financial, LVNV, Crown Asset Management, etc.) throughout the entire state of Florida.  We represent individuals who owe money for credit cards, medical debt, auto deficiency loans, mortgage deficiency loans, as well as personal guarantees on business loans.  We can represent individuals who have just been sued as well as individuals who have had their wages or their bank accounts garnished due to a judgment.

Bankruptcy & Debt Settlement Services

Shmucher Law, PL provides affordable representation for clients wishing to obtain a financial fresh start.

Chapter 7

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to obtain a fresh start in a relatively short period of time.

Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives the debtor benefits that are not allowed in Chapter 7 including the ability play catch up on secured debts.

Business Bankruptcy

There are two types of business bankruptcy that a debtor can choose to file, each having their own pros and cons.

Credit Card Lawsuits

If you have received a summons for credit card debt, ignoring it may result in a default judgment against you.

Junk Debt Defense

Debt defense is the defense of a debtor who has been sued by a credit card company or a junk debt buyer.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a process in which the debtor and the creditor agree to settle or satisfy an existing debt for a lower amount.

Happy Clients

“Mr. Shmucher. guided me through the Bankrupt process. Once I had turned all the proper documents, he filled my case quickly. This was my first experience dealing with a lawyer and the experience was a positive one. He responded to my E-mails promptly and took the time to return my phone calls, even during the weekend. He brought a human element to the process, and he has a caring aspect to his approach. He made me feel comfortable during my court date. If you are at the end of your rope in your finances then I highly recommend Mr. Shmucher if you need to declare bankruptcy."

“Until I met Mr. Ofer Shmucher, I always viewed my dealing with lawyers as a necessary evil because I found those that I met to be cold and distant. Mr. Ofer changed that perception once and for all. I have found him to be very humane, caring, patient, understanding and highly capable. Mr. Ofer Shmucher always took the time to listen to me and to clarify the legal aspects of my case that I did not understand in a manner and language that I could relate to. He diligently kept me informed of the progress of my case and always returned my calls in a timely manner. Better yet he always had an answer to my multiple inquiries and always came up with a solution. I am very satisfied with his services."

“Mr. Shmucher provided excellent advice and support during my bankruptcy proceedings. His expert advice, assistance during the filling process, and personal compassion made the process easier during one of the most difficult periods of my life. Ofer returned all my calls promptly and answered all my questions thoroughly and to my complete satisfaction. In addition, he always look for ways to accommodate to my schedule. I strongly recommend Mr. Shmucher if you ever need to declare for bankruptcy."

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