How to Look up Your Lawsuit

Have You Been Sued in Florida for an Old Debt?

Numerous debtors come into the office saying they had no idea that they were served or ever a party to a lawsuit.  The easiest way to see if you have been sued is to look up your case.  Knowing that you have been sued may help prevent getting a default judgment lawsuit being entered against you. 

How to Look Up a Florida Lawsuit

Our law firm assists debtors in lawsuits that have been filed against them in Broward or Dade County.  Florida courts have created easy to use website where a debtor can look up their cases.  Below are links to the court’s websites.

When you click on these links, it’s pretty clear what to do next. But here are some tips to make the most of your search:

  • Be sure to enter the exact spelling of your name or business name as it likely appeared on the loan/credit paperwork (i.e. if you go by “Jim” be sure to search for “James”)
  • Try searching for other versions of your name
  • Try entering the least amount of details necessary to pull up a focused search result. For example, if you have a very unusual last name, you could just search for that and not enter a first name so that it will pull up all versions of that name.