Suspended license and bankruptcy Are you a debtor who has a suspended license because you got into an accident with no insurance and now have a judgment against you? Did you know that the filing of a bankruptcy can assist you in getting your license back? I regularly have debtors come into my Miami office because they have a judgment against them due to an accident where they had no insurance. The judgment prevents them from getting their license. Those debtors have two options, pay the judgment in full or file for bankruptcy. The filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can assist the debtor in getting his or her drivers license back in as quickly as three to four months. When the debtor receives his or her discharge they can go to the DMV with the proper paperwork and have their license reinstated. If you or anyone you know is driving with a suspended license because of a judgment then please give our office a call to schedule a free consultation.

Shmucher Law, PL is a bankruptcy law firm and the attorney Ofer Shmucher is an experienced Miami Bankruptcy Attorney who has helped hundreds of debtors file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in South Florida. Please call 305-741-5553 or 954-309-5559 to schedule your free consultation today.

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