Sometimes I have potential clients who have had friends or family members that have previously filed for bankruptcy and that family member or friend may have had a good/bad experience with their bankruptcy trustee.  So the potential client will ask me if it is possible to know who your bankruptcy trustee will be prior to filing your case?  The answer depends on what type of bankruptcy you file.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Broward, Dade or Palm Beach county you will automatically be assigned a bankruptcy trustee at random.  So there is no way of knowing who your bankruptcy trustee will be until the actual case is filed.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There is only one standing Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for Broward and Palm Beach County and there is only one standing Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee for Miami-Dade County.   So in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will be able to know who the trustee is prior to your bankruptcy filing.

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