One of the biggest fears, for anyone is thinking of filing for bankruptcy, is that they have go to court.  They are expecting someone to yell at them or give them a hard time for filing for bankruptcy, likely that is not the case.  Most of the time your court hearing will only take between three and five minutes and you will be asked a few simple questions.

Here is the best way to prepare for your meeting of the creditors.

1.  Provide all the documents the trustee asks for, to your attorney.

  • Tax returns, bank statements, canceled, checks, vehicle information, etc.

2.  Review your documents

  • Know what the large checks you wrote were for, what you withdrew money from the bank for, etc.

3.  Review your bankruptcy petition

  • The trustee is going to ask you questions about your bankruptcy petition and its contents so BE familiar with them.   It is best to review your petition with your bankruptcy attorney a day or so before the meeting of the creditors.


  • When asked a question at the 341 meeting, answer truthfully.  Don’t be vague and ask the question answered.


  • It is ok to answer I don’t know at a 341 meeting, however it is not recommended.  If you answer I don’t know then you should follow it with I will provide you that information within seven days.

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