With a high unemployment rate in the state of Florida, many residents are having a fairly difficult time landing jobs.   These residents, without jobs, are likely also to be the same residents who have debt issues.   At least once a week I have a potential client ask me the following question:  I am currently unemployed and applying for jobs, will the filing of my bankruptcy hurt my chances of gaining employment?

Unfortunately, if you are APPLYING for a job in the PRIVATE SECTOR (non-government), then the address is Yes.  If you are applying for a job in the private sector, the employer has the right to discriminate you based on your credit/bankruptcy history.   Whether or not the employer runs a credit check on you and discriminates against you, because of your bankruptcy filing, is only determined on a case by case basis.  More likely than not, jobs in the financial sector or any job requiring entrustment with monies will likely run a background check on the potential employee.

The Bankruptcy Code has an anti-discrimination policy and it applies to government entities and current employers only.   The Bankruptcy Code’s anti-discrimination provision does not prohibit a private employer from denying employment to an individual on the ground that he is or has been in bankruptcy

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